Photo by Nikodem Walicki

Katarzyna Ruszel, CEO VIP Centre, Tomasz Wybranowski (Polish Weekly / Near FM) & Kamila Dydyna. Photo by Nikodem Walicki

We’re delighted to announce that VIP Centre is the official sponsor of Testimony’s visit to New York City in October! Testimony is being screened on October 16th as part of the 6th NYC Independent Film Festival, and thanks to the generosity of the VIP Centre, Testimony’s Writer/ Director Kamila Dydyna will be attending the screening.

VIP Centre is run by CEO Katarzyna Ruszel. The company operates in 17 countries, providing services in multiple industries (medical, legal, beaty, and more) though its network of partner companies.

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Within the partnership with VIP Centre, we’re also supported by Polish journalist and author Tomasz Wybranowski, who runs a brilliant Polish radio program Polish Weekly (“Polska Tygodniowka”) every Wednesday. Tomasz and the radio program has been supporting the film since January 2015, before we even started production! We’re deeply grateful for his support. Check out the program’s Facebook page here.

Polska Tygodniówka

More updates from NYC coming soon!